Hello all!

I have updated my book list on my last post. There a quite a few Christian books that I want to read, so I replaced some of the books below with some selections from Christian authors.

The happy news is my local library received “In the Heart of the Sea” as an inter-library loan. I picked it up today! Yay!! I put down “The Historian” for now to start reading this ‘new’ book. I also picked up “Moby Dick”. My plan now is to read these two books and then move on to another category. I am not sure which one yet.

On an exciting note, I found out last weekend that they have made a movie out of the book, “In the Heart of the Sea”! I saw the trailer last weekend and my hubby couldn’t figure out why I was so excited. LOL! By the way, when I chose that book, I had no idea that a movie about it was coming to theaters. That just seals the deal for me. ; )

It is not too late to join us in this ambitious endeavor! : )

Please let me know if you are joining us. I might just have a little surprise for you at the end of it. ; )

You can connect with me here, through e-mail, or by facebook. Just ask.

Have a blessed day!