It is the last week of December and, as usual, I am pondering the new year.

What will be my goals, resolutions, and projects? What will be my focus?

I have some ideas such as:

  • crocheting more to stock my Etsy store and to prepare for the Christmas craft show in October.
  • exercise on a daily basis
  • healthier food and beverages
  • build more “Zero Waste” habits into my daily life

I also have been deciding on 2017’s reading challenge. There are two that I was contemplating.

Then, a small still voice said,

“What if…”.

I said, “Yes? What if…what?”

Holy Spirit: “What if you dedicated 2017 to only reading/studying/learning about God and growing closer to Him? What would that year look like? How would you be/Where would you be the last week of December, 2017?”

Me: “Wow! I could do that! But wait, in reality, could I really do that/would I really do that?? It would take courage, bravery, and loads of self-discipline and tough love to complete 365 days of only focusing on God. Do I have what it takes to see it completely through?? Yikes!”

Holy Spirit: “Grace, mercy, and love. You will fall and stumble, but I am here. My Grace is enough for you; for My Strength and Power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. {2 Corinthians 12:9}.”

Me: {Deep breath} “Okay, I will do this.”

I have a plan now. 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of only reading God’s Word and (nonfiction) Christian books.

Monthly: Focusing my reading on the monthly theme:

  1. January: Hope
  2. February: Love
  3. March: Trinity/The Triune God/The Godhead
  4. April: The Resurrection and the resurrected life
  5. May: New Life/New creation/Renewing your mind
  6. June: Faith/faithfulness
  7. July: Peace
  8. August: Joy
  9. September: Patience/Endurance
  10. October: Goodness
  11. November: Thankfulness/Gratitude
  12. December: Kindness/Gentleness

Weekly: Verse memorization based on the monthly themes

Daily: Reading the Bible by following a YouVersion plan

This is my 2017 plan so far. I haven’t decided what books I will read for each month yet. I figure that I will read the books that I already own and also let the Holy Spirit guide me.

~ So, now, I invite you to join me. You can follow along with me or mix it up and read what is right for you. I plan to blog through this process on a regular basis, just not sure what a ‘regular’ basis will look like right now.

If you are planning to join me, then please let me know. We can encourage each other on this journey into and through 2017.

Happy New Year! : )